We can scal from small to mediuma en high volume laboratories. We support bidireccional interfaces with laboratory equipments as well as manual entry.

Agile management of patients and results:

  • Batch result entry
  • Easy result navigation
  • Generates graphical results (curve of glucose, result history)
  • Work area management
  • Allows reporting of industrial analysis, like food, water, or surface analysis...
  • Also allows reporting of veterinary test results, with their specific ranges.
  • Use of barcode
  • Allows reporting in a secondary language, like Spanish for example
  • Lots of statistical and management reports

For a completely automatized managemenet of your laboratory:

  • Results are received directly from the equipment
  • Patient and testing data are sent to the equipment, so when the tube is put inside the equipment, the analyzer knows which tests are required
  • Allows to validate results directly into the system. Control and calibration results are also available in the system.
  • Can connect to any kind of analyzer, from any trade mark.
  • Interfaces allows to calculate depending results, like 24h urinie results, LDL, ratios, etc...

SMS alerts SMS:  When the study report is ready, an SMS is sent to the patient.

Online results:

For all patients: patients can review their results online, via web or using a personalized Android application, using their user and PIN. 

For patient's doctors:  External doctors can be given a username and password to access a special website where they can review any patient result recorded under their (doctor's) name.

For all: Result reports can be sent by email to the patient, doctor, insurance company... from within the system.