For who is Clinsis?
Clinsis is a modular system, designed for laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. It can work from a couple of users to hundreds of concurrent users.
How much does it cost?
The system is pretty accessible, since it was originally made for developing countries.  System can be acquired in buy of loan modality. Loan modality includes support, new versions, daily backups, and can also include "Cloud" hosting. The price depends on the required modules and the total number of named users.
Do I need Internet access?
Clinsis does not require internet to work. It can work on the hospital intranet. However, for support purposes, an Internet access is required so our support team can access the system remotely. But end users do NOT require Internet access, unless you choose the "could hosted" version.
Can I test it before buying it?
We can setup a testing environment hosted in the cloud for you if you are interested, so you can test it via Internet.
Can I import my existing?
No. Due to database schema differences, the cost of importing patient records would be prohibitive, so we do no offer that option. What we do offer is linking Clinsis to your actual system so that certain information (patient, invoices, orders,...) can be searched and imported in Clinsis. Restrictions may apply.
What kind of support do you offer?
Clinsis has online support. This means that from inside the software you can connect to our technical support. Thanks to the remote access we canaccess the system and investigate your support request immediately. We will then contact you by phone, whatsapp, Skype, or email for the follow up. On site visit can also be scheduled if required.
May I download a presentation of the system?
Yes. You can download it here.
May I connect my laboratory equipments to Clinsis?
Yes. Almost every laboratory analyzer has capability to connect to a LIS/LIMS. We have lots of connector already developed, and if your equipment is no yet in the list, we can develop it for you.
May I connect my imagenology equipments to Clinsis?
Yes. If you equipment as a DICOM funcionality activated, images can be sent to Pacssis and then be available into Clinsis. If you have also a worklist option activated, you Clinsis + Pacssis becomes a full RIS (Radiology Information System) where the patient data is sento to the equipment, and the equipment sends the images back.
What do I need to use Clinsis?
You only need an internal network (intranet), so you can access the system using your local network. Since it work using an internet browser, you can use your prefered operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, o Mac).
Do I need to buy third party licenses, like Microsoft or Oracle?
Clinsis was designed using software with Public Licenses. This safes us to pay licenses to third party. You get a completely legal system, at no additional cost. The server is running under Linux, uses a MySQL database, and is programed using Java.
Does Clinsis comply with CFR 21 part 11?
Yes. Clinsis comply with almost every recommendation of CFR 21 part 11, related to electronic patient information and electronic signature.

Our technical support will assist with all your questions about the system use, or any problem you find using it.

Thanks to the remote access and the new communication technologies (Whatsapp, Skype, GoToMeeting,....) we can accompany you like we would be onsite.

We also take in charge the system maintenance to make sure the system is always in optimal condition, and backups are effective. Since technologies are changing rapidly over the time, we maintain our code to take advantage of new technologies, and remain compatible with new versions of operating systems.

You can contact our technical support by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..