Cedric (CEO)

Born in Belgium, and graduated nurse, Cedric is a self -learner in computer sciences.

He counts with the following international certifications: Microsoft Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Oracle Certified Database Administrator, Java Certified Programmer, and Linux Certified Administrator.

He worked in Belgium for known multinational companies like Glaxo SmithKline, Quest Diagnostics, y Levi Straus, and Belgacom, before moving to Nicaragua where he implemented Clinsis, now present for more than 10 year in Centroamérica.

He likes

  • Share time with his family. That's why he works from home ;)
  • Rest at his "finca" (firm) in Nicaragua's countryside

His secret to make Clinsis a successful story:

  • Join his medical knowledge, learn during his nurse career, with his computer science knowledge
  • Bet on open source tecnologies (Java, MySQL, HTML,...) to ba able to offer a more friendly software price (and not require any piracy)
  • Be able to adapt the software to each business needs