In 2005 starts the development of Clinsis, based on my experience as Database Coordinator at GlaxoSithKline Clinical Laboratories and Quest Diagnostics.

In addition, as graduated nurse, I could join my medical knowledge with my IT knowledge, to make of Clinsis a successful story.

From the beginning it was designed to become a complete Hospital information System, but I made it modular to allow smooth growing and be able to adapt to each client's needs.

Of course I started with the clinical laboratory module for which I was the most prepared.

First client, starting with the clinical laboratory module.

In April 2006, Medlab started using Clinsis, giving it the fireproof.

We started development of modules for Imagenology, Inventiry/Pharmacy, invoicing and register.

First automated interfaces with laboratory equipments.

Expansion in Nicaragua.

In 2009 we grow from 2 to 5 clients in Nicaragua.

Today we have 15 clients in Nicaragua, between hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. They are from private and insurance sector.

First clients in Guatemala.

We started installing Clinsis in the Laboratory of the University of San Carlos, in Guatemala city. We now have 4 clients using Clinsis in Guatemala, and various other prospects.


First clients in El Salvador. Prospects in Panama, Costa Rica, and United States of America.

We are present in El Salvador in the private laboratory Centrolab, and in the Oncological Hospital of ISSS (Social security).